viernes, 9 de enero de 2015

Information about cruises and cruise ships categories

Do cruise information we need to be able to plan a cruise? Already commented that one of the objectives of the Todosabordo Blog is organize cruises information and make it accessible and useful to everyone.

In this sense, we have prepared some categories to be able to classify information about cruises and trip characteristics, destinations, and the themes of special Cruises:

•Software cruises. Information about the life on Board of the cruise cruise Guide: clothes, gratuities, food, activities, etc...
•Destinos cruises. Places and destinations cruises can choose? From maritime or river cruise, Islands, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, etc.
•Cruceros theme. What type of theme cruises we can find? Proposals of theme cruises and tours aboard a theme cruise.
•Cruceros special. Today there are proposals for cruise special for all kinds of travellers, from cruises to luxury cruises.

It is just some categories to go sorting entries in the blog and information on cruises that we will try to share with you.

Cruise ships and cruises information interest you?

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